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22nd-Mar-2011 06:25 pm - Poupee Girl Shell Spring
People are talking about their good luck or their bad luck at this thing but how does it actually even out?

If anyone wants to use these for some massive shell spring data analysis, feel free.

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13th-Feb-2010 10:37 pm - TinierMe trade list
These are all gacha items as far as I can remember. Will trade for pretty much anything interesting. :)

- Checkered Jacket

- Dandy Beard White

- Frilly Idol Mike Purple
18th-Jan-2010 03:29 pm - Ma Bimbo English Speakers Wanted
For those of you who play the Ma Bimbo french dress-up game, there is now an English language LJ community. Say hi, show off your outfit, bug the mods for translations, spread the word.

For those of you who don't play Ma Bimbo ... here's a pretty picture:

What're you waiting for?
6th-Mar-2009 09:35 pm(no subject)
Discovered a new game called Nicotto Town. Since I can't find an english language community, I'm posting random translation bits here. Not like I'm using this journal for anything else.

Here's the registration form
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1st-Jan-2000 10:01 am - Games
The games I'm currently playing are over here.
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